Saturday, July 23, 2011

Whitley Grace

One of my friends from PA school, Rebecca, had a baby just 2 weeks ago.  Another PA friend Courtney and I took her dinner one night last week.  We all know the real reason behind that whole "taking dinner to the girl who just had a baby" thing.  We wanted to meet sweet Whitley Grace.  We loved seeing you too, Rebecca!  The baby is adorable, and she was a perfect little angel while we were there! 

Here's Mommy and Baby.  Aren't they precious?  

I had to leave a little earlier than I had planned because my athletic, yet carefree,  husband went for a run and locked himself out of the house.  We joke that I'm OCD and have to be there to prevent this kind of stuff  by triple checking for keys and locked doors.  Maybe it's true.  At least he went runnin'.  He was sweating bullets and nearly dying of thirst by the time I made it home to find him out back on the patio.  This 100 degree weather didn't help either.  Maybe it will cool off soon : )

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