Monday, August 22, 2011

Sink-Dasher Wedding

My sweet friend Lindsey Sink married Caleb's friend Ron Dasher (aka Ronnie D) on Saturday at a beautiful wedding in Fort Mill.  Aside from getting a tad bit lost on the way, we had a wonderful time celebrating their marriage!  The wedding was in a pretty church, and the reception was at a really neat house just down the street.

Lindsey looked like a Barbie.  Like wedding princess Barbie.  So pretty!  They are such a fun couple, and I know the Lord is going to truly bless their marriage.

Caleb and I saw lots of PC friends, and it's always fun to catch up with them.  I hadn't seen Amy in forever, and I was so excited to find her!  She was my ZTA little sister and is one of the most fun people I know!  

It's always fun to hang out with the Martins.  We worked on convincing them to move to the Upstate, but I'm not so sure it worked.  

Snakes, me, and Mandizzle.  My sweet little friends who make me feel SO tall.  Love ya'll!  And not just for that reason ; )

I'm so excited for Lindsey and Ron.  I hope they're having a blast in the Dominican Republic right now!

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Cameron said...

pretty pretty girls and a very pretty bride!!! (and caleb, you're pretty too!)