Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bikes & Hamsters

This old jewel showed up at Lake Murray last weekend.

It's my trusty bike from PC.  My dad and brothers cleaned out some storage units and found her.  Man, I've missed this thing!  She's missing the awesome sparkly streamers and annoying horn, but the license plate survived!

My dad's sister Margie and her husband Irv came up for the day Saturday.  We taught Margie how to play Setback.  She's a natural.  It must be in the Gregory blood.

Caleb is brave (or stupid) for letting me play with his new lens while riding in the boat!

And the grand finale for the weekend...  Theodore!  Jordan and Kayla showed up with a new pet hamster.  My mom hates anything with fur, and I'm not exactly an animal lover.  Jordan was advised to leave ole Teddy at home next time.

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Alyssa said...

I miss that bike and the stalking we used to do late at night on it :)