Monday, September 26, 2011

at least our friends were there...

I try to be a pretty positive person, but I had to search long and hard for some positives from the PC football game against Furman Saturday.  With a score of 62-21 (we're the losers) and a blazing hot day, it was a bit tough.  But luckily, I got to spend some quality time with Megan and McNeil.  Please note the huge crowd at halftime.  Plus, Megan and I had some delicious snow cones during the 2nd quarter.  They helped us forget about the terrible score.

There's my cute little reporter ; )

And to add to the positive excitement, Jeff & Morgan just moved to Greenville from DC.  We are SO excited to be able to see them more often and hang out.  Here's Jeff & Caleb at halftime.

PC has an off week this weekend...Woo Hoo!  They're gonna need some time to get over this defeat, ha.  At least Carolina and Clemson are kickin' bootie.

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