Tuesday, September 20, 2011

San Francisco

Caleb went to San Francisco last weekend for the PC football game against Cal, and I'm a tad bit jealous.  I went on a trip 10 years ago out west, and San Francisco was one of our stops.  Unfortunately, that was before the time of digital cameras, and all of my pictures were on a Jazz disposable.  So I'm now living vicariously through Caleb's awesome pics of the city.

Here he is at AT&T park, home of the world series champion San Francisco Giants.  I'm pretty sure seeing the stadium was his favorite part.

He got a tour of the whole place, including the manager's office.  (Caleb had to relate this guy to Bobby Cox of the Braves so I would understand.)

The Giants dugout

Have you heard of the TV show Chips?  I haven't.  But Caleb says it's a real show.  And these guys who resembled Chips escorted them around all weekend.

Here's a famous street in San Francisco and a trolley.  Maybe the Full House house is right down there...?

Golden Gate Bridge!

Caleb says the Bay Bridge actually had a prettier view than the Golden Gate.  

Alcatraz.  I got pooped on by a bird when I was there 10 years ago. 

And one whole picture of the actual game for ya.  The score wasn't pretty, but it was a great opportunity for all the guys.  

Caleb loved the trip.  We may just have to go back sometime : )

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Whitney said...

Those guys do look like the guys from CHiPs! The only reason I know about that show is because they used to play TONS of reruns during the summertime, and my little brother loved it :)