Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Labor Day & Cuisinart

I realized I never even mentioned Labor Day on the blog.  I tend to forget what we do for holidays so this is my attempt to remember that we celebrated it at the lake.  Caleb and I got there Saturday night after the PC game and stayed till Monday.  I loveeeee having a 3-day weekend.  I could totally get used to that.  The weather was really nice, and we ate really good (low country boil, hash and BBQ to be exact).  My uncle Sonny and his whole crew came down after church Sunday to spend the afternoon.  Somehow I didn't take a single picture while they were there.  Oops.  I did get a good one of Jordan though, and it just happens to be proof of what a bully he is.

Sprayin' the little kid.

We love being at the lake or anywhere on the water!  It makes for a great weekend.

And I may be the last to know, but I was so excited to figure it out.  Cuisinart is the best company ever for kitchen appliances.  We've had 2 different things break recently.  All we have to do is call their customer service number, tell them what's happening, and a few days later - a new one is on our doorstep.  Free of charge.  It may cost a little more up front for those products, but it's worth it for the replacements.

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