Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Adam & Eve in Georgia

Our family calls the day before Christmas Eve, Christmas Adam.  Adam did come before Eve.  So on Christmas Adam this year, we were in Georgia for a delicious dinner and Christmas celebration!

Jimbob & Garrison brought Christmas flowers to Erin that afternoon.  So sweet!

Garrison cracked me up when he opened his presents.  He opened his shirt from us first.  Kids just don't get excited about clothes, but moms do.  And I love buying kids clothes.  He was still sweet and said thank you, but his face lit up totally differently when he opened his toy.  He knew exactly what the game was as soon as he got the paper off of it!  He is one smart boy!

Us, the McElroys, and the Blevins got Marcia a Kindle Fire for Christmas, and she LOVED it!  It really bothered Caleb having a new electronic device in our house for 4 weeks that he couldn't open so he was eager to help his mom get it set up!

I can't believe I'm putting these pictures on here, but it's real life Christmas Eve morning so what the heck.  We pretended it was Christmas morning and did the whole Massengill routine.  The music starts, you run out and stand at the top of the stairs...

Then you go into the present room to see what Santa brought!  We then carried the presents into the living room and open!

I was just a little bit excited about my new Uggs!  They are the most comfortable things in the world  I wore them all morning while we cooked breakfast!

Caleb got all sorts of goodies, including this book.

We just hung out and relaxed all day, celebrated with the Roberts, and then went to the candlelight service.  Marcia sings in it, and it was my first time to attend.  I loved it and had so much fun!  That's what Christmas is all about.  

We then loaded the car again and headed to Buffalo!

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