Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Celebrations

I feel like Christmas came and went so fast this year!  We did lots of fun things to celebrate, and I want to remember it all.  It started last Thursday night with the Players.  My dad's sister and her family came to Buffalo for dinner, hanging out, and playing games.

The girls won an intense game of Partini.

Jordan and Kayla have a tiny puppy named Izzy.  She has painted toe nails.  I am not ok with it.  The dog or the painted nails.

Caleb and I exchanged presents on Friday, Christmas Adam.  He got a stocking full of goodies and a Nerf gun, which he played with all weekend.

He exceeded our price limit of $10 and bought me the "Homestead House" for my Dept. 56 Christmas village.  He always gives me the most thoughtful piece for the village, and I just loved it!

We then loaded the car and headed to Georgia for Christmas with the Massengill's.

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