Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brittnee's Monogram Shower

Anna and I hosted a Monogram shower for Brittnee on Sunday.  Monogram showers are probably one of my all time favorites.  The gifts are all so cute and personal, and I just love that!  

Here's the best part...food!  We had lots of fruit, 2 kinds of sandwiches, cheese wafers, nuts, cake squares, and punch.

My personal favorite...the cake squares.

Here's Brittnee chattin' it up with a few of the guests.

We can always count on Jeanie to pin on the corsage.

She got so many neat gifts, and these tiered trays are gonna be adorable once they get put together.

We played the infamous TP dress game.

My mom was the judge so guess what?!  They tied.  The Gregory family is all about fairness.

Britt with her mom and aunts

The Gregory & Blackwood women at the shower

Brittnee and a few of her friends

Again, Brittnee was showered by lots of loving friends and family.  We all had a great time and are getting SO excited about the wedding!!!!


Whitney said...

What a cute idea! A monogram shower! I don't think girls in Florence do that often... the next time one of my friends gets engaged, I'm stealing the idea!!

Kathryn said...

Do it, Whitney! It's so fun! I love a good theme party : )