Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

We celebrated Caleb's 26th birthday with a fun trip to Watkinsville this weekend!

His mom made a new drink...a birthday martini!  Anything is yummy when it has icing and sprinkles on the rim!

We were able to spend some QT with our nephews.  Our secret to keeping them in our laps and still...the iPad.  They are mesmorized by its games.

They helped Caleb blow out the candles on his Publix birthday cake...his fave!

Ben taught Caleb some workout moves to get some 26 year old abs.  He's hilarious.  Ben, not Caleb.  Well, Caleb is funny, but not as hilarious as Ben.  Sorry ; )

We took some more pictures after church on Sunday to document the big b-day weekend!

Mabry & Ben...so sweet!

Happy Birthday, Caleb!  

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