Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sharing the news!

Caleb and I were actually quite different in our initial desire to share the news.  While we were both beyond thrilled, I wanted to keep it quiet.  Just between us.  At least for a little while.  It's so special.  And secret.  And I loved it!  Caleb, however, would have put up a billboard the day we took the test.  So like any married couple, we compromised.  We started telling a few select people.  Beginning with our parents.

The day I took the test was also the day I was scheduled to go to the dermatologist to have a cyst removed from my shoulder.  Being the good patient that I am, I told the doctor about my positive test.  Not only was she the very first person I told, but then she refused to remove my cyst.  Geez Louise.

Later that night, we went to my parent's house for Christmas with my dad's sister Margie and her family.  Apparently, I got a little too excited playing Partini, and Caleb was worried about my acting out different scenarios.  It's all for the game, and my team won!  Baby Massengill probably enjoyed it : )  We decided we would tell my mom that night, but only her.  My dad may have been tempted to tell his sister or my brothers so we left it with Bev.

John and Brittnee literally would.not.leave.  Normally, we love when they stay for a while, just hanging out and such.  But that night, we were so eager for them to get the heck out of the house so we could tell my mom.  Finally, they left.

I laid the positive pregnancy test on the counter where my mom was standing.  Obviously, she wasn't expecting anything because she thought it was one of Izzy's (the dog's) toys.  I guess it has been a while since she had taken a pregnancy test.  Once we spelled it out for her, she was sooooo excited!  We swore her to secrecy, and somehow she did it!  She kept it quiet for 8 long weeks.  Go Mom!  We told my dad a few days later.  I think it was on Christmas Eve.  He was also forced into staying quiet, and he did it, too!  He already picked out his grandpa name:  Grrrrand-Pa.Pa.  Rolling the "R."  

We also gave them tervis tumblers that said "Grandma" and Grandpa."  They had to hide their cups until the secret was revealed to others.

It was very exciting!  Caleb and I realized we are pretty terrible about capturing these moments and expressions on camera because we were so "IN" the moment.  So I apologize for the lack of pictures.  But believe me, the faces and excitement will never be forgotten in our minds : )

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