Thursday, February 23, 2012

More sharing of the news!

Next on the list to tell:  Caleb's parents.  Luckily, we were going to see them the very next day.  We knew we couldn't make it very long.  24 hours was a stretch, but we did it.

So, we got to their house around 4 or 5 I think.  Caleb's sister, Erin, and her family were coming over later that night for Christmas dinner so we had to be quick.  We thought.  Like, we literally thought we beat them by about 20 minutes.  Caleb and Craig quickly carried in our bags while I made small talk with Marcia.  My heart was racing as I held in the news waiting for Caleb to get back downstairs.  I'm surprised she couldn't tell something was up right away.

We had put the positive pregnancy test (inside a ziplock baggie) in our Christmas card envelope.  I was gripping it in my hand about as tightly as humanly possible when Caleb came back into the kitchen.  I just looked at him and asked "Now?".  Apparently, Craig kinda caught on to what I was saying to him.  Marcia, however, did not.  She continued to talk about anything and everything while my pulse increased to about 200.  Finally, I just shoved the Christmas card and the envelope into her hands.  As soon as she opened it, she knew what the tests were.  I don't know if she ever even looked at our Christmas card.  Like any good Massengill, she started crying, and many hugs were shared.  They have passed this crying thing on to me now as well.  It's kinda sweet.

The McElroy fam didn't show up until about an hour later so we could have relaxed a little bit.  Oh, well, the pressure drove us to shout the news as quickly as possible.

Craig later admitted that he was trying to get her to take the card from us.  He could sense the urgency.  It was kinda hilarious.  They were also thrilled about the news!  Our secret was being shared, one person at a time, and we were all loving it!

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