Wednesday, March 7, 2012

15 weeks

Here's another weekly update.  No bump pic today.  We'll take one later this week maybe.  It's definitely growing.
Pregnancy Highlights
How Far along? 15 weeks
Size of the Baby? Getting bigger!  A little avocado.  4-5 inches, 3-5 ounces.  I’m guessing on the bigger side of those estimates.  It has always measured a few days ahead.

Maternity Clothes? I wore maternity pants yesterday for the first time, and they are awesome!  Everybody noticed I looked preggo that day.  The clothes definitely emphasize the belly.  I’m back in my regular pants today due to big belly insecurity from yesterday (HA), but I will be wearing them full time soon I think.

Gender?  We know!  And are THRILLED!!!  I feel like the gender reveal deserves its own post so coming soon : )  Ahhhh!!  

Movement?  Definitely wigglin’ all around, but I’m not feeling movement yet.  I think I maybe felt something once, but it could have been my imagination…

Sleep? Good.  Still one trip to the potty a night most nights.  I sleep a good 9 hours a night, even before pregnancy.

Cravings? Fruit!  Caleb went out to get me some cantaloupe and green grapes earlier this week. And lemonade!  I still haven’t had any because I always forget when I’m at the store, but it sounds delicious!

Symptoms?  I really feel great!  I’m having crazy dreams.  For example, in a dream last night, my family decided to pull a father-of-the-bride because my parents were pregnant, too!!!  So funny!

What I miss? Running.  I’ve been walking some, and I sort of feel like running again.  We’ll see how that goes.

Milestones?  Being in the 2nd trimester.  Finding out the gender!  So awesome!

Weight Gain? I’ll be weighed when I have my visit next week, but there’s definitely an increase.  I’ve been eating a lot…

What I’m nervous about?  Nothing right this second.  My next big thing will be the 20 week anatomy scan so I’ll probably worry about that until it’s done.

What I’m excited about?   Shopping for BABY!!!!  We ordered a crib yesterday : )

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Courtney Phillips said...

i knew you would find out! :) can't wait to hear!