Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend at Pa's

So, I'm a few weekends behind with updating what we've done.  Nothing too terribly exciting, but I like to remember the little things.  This past weekend was pretty relaxing.  We had some friends over for dinner Friday night.  After Caleb almost caught the back deck on fire with the grill, we had a great night!  We went to my parent's house on Saturday to clean out the other attic, and found lost of fun baby stuff!  We watched the UNC/Duke game Saturday night and went to church yesterday.  We ran lots of errands and such yesterday, and we looked at baby furniture!  So fun!  I took a few pictures, but we'll wait to share those later.

First, I need to recap the weekend before.  We went to Caleb's grandpa's house for a visit.  Everybody came to our house to stay the night Friday since it's kinda halfway to Pa's.  Then we all hit the road Saturday morning.  After a stop at the outlet mall in Gaffney, we made it to Pa's house.  Even at 83 years of age, he's quite the bowler.  So that's the first thing we did when we arrived!  We all went bowling together Saturday afternoon, and it was so much fun!

Here's Pa in action!  He beat everybody...bad!

Caleb and me with Pa

Garrison and Ben working on their bowling skills

Ben is a little athlete so Mabry had to pull out the big guns...THE LEASH.  It was hilarious watching Ben mope around in his leash.  Even though he may not have enjoyed it, I sure did.  She let him loose ever so often to sprint around like crazy.  Oh, the energy!

Enjoying some snacks at the bowling alley

3 Bens in this pic...Benji the dog, Ben the Pa, and Ben the baby boy!

We went back over to the house Sunday morning to hang out.  They found some old picture albums to enjoy!

Giselle, Kim, Tristan, Marlene, and Pa

It was a fun trip, and it's always great to see Pa : )

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