Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's A...

...precious little baby!  I have known from the beginning what "it" is.  Mother's intuition perhaps.

I quickly noticed that the very first question people ask as soon as they know you're pregnant is:  "Well, it is a boy or a girl?"  I really wanted to let it be a surprise.  I thought.  Make all those question-askers wait 40 weeks like they used to do back in the old days.  It would simplify things, right?  Then I decided that it would be even more annoying to explain to people, "Well, we actually aren't gonna find out."  That response leads to so many other questions and reasons why I should find out.

So, I caved.  I was very much influenced by my husband and this baby's grandmas.  They were ready to start shopping!  Even though I knew what "it" was all along.  I had dreams about "it."  I could see "it" as a child.  But nobody would believe me until we proved it via ultrasound last week.  It was a very last minute thing.  I texted Caleb and asked if he wanted to come over during lunch.  Duh!  He was there in about 10 minutes, and we knew within seconds what Baby M is:

It's a BOY!!!

(I look like a complete loser in this picture, but it was the first time I had worn blue.  And I thought our son would like it, right!?)

As soon as Mel started scanning me, she just smiled so big and said:  "Don't look if you don't wanna know!"  Well, any good ObGyn PA knows what that means.  This little fella is all boy.  We are pretty sure we saw the beginnings of his little pee pee at our 12 week ultrasound so Caleb and I both felt pretty confident it's a boy.  And we were right!

To say we're excited is an understatement.  I'm glad I listened to my mom, Caleb's mom, and Caleb and found out it's a HE.  We can pray for him specifically now, and it's all so real.  It's amazing knowing our first son is growing in my belly right now!  Ahhhhh!!  I just LOVE it!  God is great!!  


Courtney Wallace Frick said...

Boys are GREAT!!!!!!!!!

Shelby said...


I am Cam and Courts cousin, Shelby, and I love following your blog! I have 2 sweet, wild, and loving boys and I'm here to tell ya it is the BEST! You are gonna LOVE being a Mama to a boy and there is nothing like a boys love for his Mama:)

Congrats to you!!!


Alyssa said...

WOOO HOOO! I love that little boy so much already! He is one lucky little boy!
Aunt Alyssa

kGranger said...

YAY!! PC Football round 2!!!