Thursday, April 26, 2012


I guess some people go on cruises, fly to tropical islands, and do other crazy things for their "babymoons."  This girl wanted a lazy, relaxing weekend, and that is just what we got.  Matt and Alyssa had a free place to stay at Kiawah from someone Matt works with, and we took them up on a weekend there.

The weather wasn't exactly ideal for a beach weekend, but we took advantage of what little bit of sunshine we did have.

We met at Kickin' Chicken Friday night for a delicious dinner.  Kickin' chicken is my favorite place to eat in Charleston, and I think I could eat it every day.  We just hung out at the house in Kiawah Friday night.

After cooking pancakes for breakfast Saturday morning, we headed down to the beach.  Alyssa and I attempted to tan our pregnant bodies while the boys played games like 5 year olds.  They got hit on by just about every lady who walked by.  Keep in mind that we were the only people on the beach under age 50.

What did people do before maternity bathing suits?  I felt like a whale even in the mom-kini.  

As I was typing "wilson's first beach trip with mom and dad" I remembered he's already been with us to Mexico (remember that trip back in January) and to New York (in December).  He's traveled more in utero than I did in my first few years of life.

Matt LOVES making up games.  And Caleb LOVES playing them.  They entertained themselves for literally hours with this golf on the beach game.

We took a walk around the island enjoying "nature" Saturday afternoon.  And later, the guys grilled us some delicious burgers.  They know how to make a couple of 2nd trimester preggos happy!

It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend, and I can't wait to go back to Kiawah soon.  Maybe we'll have our 2 little boys the next time we all go back!

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