Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

We had a wonderful Easter, and I feel like it just flew by.  I'm so glad our Savior is ALIVE!  I love celebrating it every day, especially on Easter : )

Having Good Friday off just makes me so happy.  Mom and I did some shopping, and my biggest goal of officially having the crib and dresser ordered was accomplished.  Yes, we ordered one a month or so ago, but that place (Baby Furniture Plus Kids on Pelham Rd) was a complete disaster for us.  They could NOT get their ducks in a row with anything.  So we found another crib.  At another furniture store.  It should be here by the end of May.  Here's hoping that comes true!

We went out to dinner with some friends on Friday night and loved just being able to relax.  Caleb took bridal portraits for Brittnee on Saturday, and they are SO pretty!  I wish I could give you a sneak peak, but that's just against the rules.  Sorry.

We went to the lake Saturday afternoon to celebrate Easter with the fam.  We did really important things like catch fish, soak up some sun, and discuss the past tense of weed-eat.  Is it weed-eated?  Weed-ate?  Deep conversation I tell ya.

Our baby boy received a few Easter surprises...the cutest pair of overalls from Brittnee and an Arthur State Bank t-shirt from John (he works there).  So sweet!

We had a delicious Easter dinner Saturday night:

And made it to the sunrise service at the lake bright and early Sunday morning.  It was really pretty and lots of fun!

Hope ya'll had a great Easter, too!  Kinda crazy that we'll have our own little Easter bunny to dress up for Easter next year!  Ahhhhh : )

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