Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Masters

I think I should start gambling.  The one golfer I told Caleb to choose for his "masters pool" with some guys from work was Bubba.  I know nothing about golf, but I had this feeling he should choose Bubba.  He just seems like a good, Southern guy.  I've since learned he loves Jesus, and he just adopted a one month old son named Caleb.  I knew I liked him : )

We watched the end of the Masters Sunday afternoon while enjoying an unhealthy plate of cheese fries sittin' on our couch.  It was quite exciting!  Go Bubba!

The other reason I should start gambling:  The one player I suggested Caleb choose for his Fantasy Football league this past season was Cam Newton.  I do not like Cam, but I just thought he'd have a good season.  And he did.  His fantasy numbers were ridic, and Caleb ended up winning that pool.

I had nothing to do with Caleb's NCAA March Madness bracket.  He chose Duke to win.  They lost in the first round to Lehigh.  I've never even heard of them.  But again, Caleb didn't ask for my 2 cents on that bracket.

I know we've been to Vegas once before, but I think we should hit it up again.  

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