Wednesday, May 16, 2012

John and Britt Rehearsal Dinner

Rewinding to last Friday afternoon...

After lunch, I went by Spartan Bakery to pick up the groom's cakeS.  Yes, plural.  My mom is all about fairness, and if one groom's cake wasn't quite as big as my one wedding cake, then John must have 2 of them.  I found it hysterical that I had to drive these 2 beauties back to my house, somehow fit them in my fridge, and then keep them together all the way down to the park for the rehearsal dinner.  With Caleb's assistance, we somehow did it.  The weight lifter may or may not have lost an arm in the process, but we did a minor surgical repair before anyone knew.

And the slight lean of Mr. Chocolate Strawberry cake, just ignore that.  ; )

Caleb set everything up for the slideshow, and we were off to the church!  About 10 minutes into the rehearsal, while we're all on stage in our assigned positions, Caleb's phone rings!  Wellsleigh is HERE! 6 lbs. 5 oz. of perfection!  She'll get her own post soon, but I had to give you the play by play.

The rehearsal went perfectly, and then it was dinner time.  John had to check out the buffet line.  Midway BBQ catered, and it was all deeeeee-licious.  Country fried steak, marinated chicken, mac and cheese, rice and gravy, green beans, and fried okra.  Yum.

My uncle Sonny was the minister for the wedding.  He officiated our wedding 3 years ago, too, along with Caleb's grandfather.  We like keeping things in the family.

We took a ton of pictures, but I'm just gonna add one more group family shot.

John gave roses to all the mom's since it was Mother's Day weekend.  So sweet!  And he gave a sweet toast, followed by the not-so-sweet toast from Caleb and me.  It was such a fun night!

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