Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bible Study Baby Shower

We were showered with baby love yet again last weekend by our wonderful small group.  The friends we have made through our church are amazing, and we are truly blessed to have this group.  It seems like we're having baby showers and sprinkles left and right, and each one is very special.

Here's the girls (we were missing Stacie).  Melissa had Bennett just over a month ago, Katherine is due in August, Julia just had Sarah, Janelll is due in July, and then there's me and my enormous bump.  I should have turned a different angle or something, HA.

Melissa and sweet Bennett - isn't he adorable?!  She's already such a great mom!

Sweet Sarah was an angel the whole time and made a new baby appear super easy ; )

The boys played a lot of b-ball while the girls chatted it up about all things baby.

We got so many amazing gifts, and we can't wait to use them all!  Thank you so much, sweet friends, for a wonderful celebration for Baby Massengill!!!

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