Thursday, June 7, 2012


I've come to terms with the fact that my blog posts from here on out in this pregnancy are going to be pure random.  I hope you've come to terms with that fact, too.

Caleb and I have been in the market for a lawn mower since we moved into our house.  We hired a guy named Tino to do our yard once or twice since we seem to always be out of town on the weekends, but we finally caved and bought one to do it ourselves.  By ourselves, I mean, Caleb.  He's my yard boy ; )

My 27th birthday happened somewhere in the past week or so, too.  Caleb has a tradition of giving me a new Lilly dress each year.  It was kinda challenging to buy that this year for this growing belly so he just let me pick it out myself.  And I love it : )

He also gave me a step stool for our bed.  Climbing in and out of our bed can be difficult in the middle of the night, and my new step stool helps SO much.  He also took me to dinner at Bin 112 in downtown Greer where we enjoyed a free slice of red velvet cheesecake.  It was yummy!

We celebrated my birthday with the Gregory's at Lake Murray last Friday night.  We were spoiled by a delicious dinner of grilled burgers and yummy sides AND strawberry/blueberry/white chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast the next morning.  I'm not sure if it was all for me or for their first grandchild on the way, but it was perfection!

Baby Wilson went on his first boat ride Saturday morning.  And yes, I am wearing a college sorority t-shirt.  My medium t-shirts are limited, and I wear what I can find.  Don't judge.  It was a wonderful boat ride.  Thanks, brothers : )

Here's the whole gang Saturday morning.  Great times!

We then drove to Ocean Isle Saturday afternoon to spend a week with the Massengill family.  I don't think I took any pictures until the 2nd night we were there, but again, my brain is a bit fried by a baby.

Here's Caleb's dad with his brother and sister.  We had a surprise 75th birthday party for Uncle Cliff!

Here's the Massengill cousins!

Baby Massengill celebrating his great Uncle Cliff at the party ; )

There's a start to our life last week.  More to come!

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