Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ocean Isle 2012

We actually just got back from a weekend vacation to Myrtle Beach, but I'm gonna try to catch back up on our week long vacay to Ocean Isle from a couple of weeks ago.  We had perfect weather for a week at the beach, hot and sunny every day except one.  And who doesn't need one rainy day in the middle of the week?  It's good for the skin : )

Ben and his daddy spent a lot of time playing on the beach.  Ben was very brave with the ocean and the pool this year.

Garrison helped me blow out my birthday candles Monday night.  I loved my strawberry and blueberry trifle b-day cake.  Yum!

We were able to spend lots of time with these 2.  Wellsleigh is already picking on her big brother Garrison.

Tuesday night was appetizer/dance night.  We were all entertained by the dance moves.

We went to Calabash Wednesday night and took a few pictures before leaving.  Here's Gramme and Papa with the grandkids.

Caleb and I can't wait to have our own baby boy to play with at the beach next year!

Isn't Ben the cutest?

Group shot at Calabash

After a full day of shopping, we met at Provisions for dinner Thursday night.  It's a neat, very casual, local spot that we enjoy.

There were many hours spent by the pool and the ocean, and we had a great time!

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