Tuesday, July 10, 2012

33 weeks!

How Far along? 33 weeks : )
Size of the Baby? Big.  We did a growth ultrasound between 31 and 32 weeks, and he was estimated at 4 lbs. 15 oz. and greater than 95th percentile.  He’s gonna be a big baby!

Maternity Clothes? For sure.  Surprisingly, I can still wear a few non-maternity dresses.

Gender?  Boy- Wilson James!

Movement?  All the time.  And big movements!  Caleb is loving this stage because he can really see him move around in my tummy.  It’s absolutely amazing.  We lay in bed every night and just watch and feel him wiggle all around.

Sleep? Ehh, it’s not great, but not terrible.  I don’t have a really hard time falling asleep, but it is getting a tad more difficult with all the thoughts racing through my head.  I wake up about 2 times per night to tee tee, and it’s kinda hard to fall back asleep.  Caleb got me a glass of milk one night recently to help with the heartburn, and it helped me sleep.

Cravings? Sweets!  Cake!  Ice cream.  M&M peanuts.  I try to eat a piece of fruit when I’m craving something sweet, and it usually works.  Lots of ICE water!  And cold Gatorade.

Symptoms?  Hiccups.  Not me, the baby has 'em.  He has the hiccups several times a day.  It’s kinda funny.  He’s just growing like a little weed in there.  And Braxton Hicks contractions.  I have them very regularly at times, like every 3 minutes last Friday, but then they always go away when I lay down.  I feel HOT all the time, thank you heat wave.  And of course, fatigue.

What I miss?  Nothing really.  I mean, sure, I’d love to be cute and skinny, buying new bikinis, going for runs, having tons of energy, but I would much rather be 8 ½  months pregnant with our son who will be here in a few weeks.

Milestones?  Every day is a milestone right now.  I feel so blessed to still feel somewhat okay.  We have gotten lots done in the nursery, and it’s almost complete.

What I’m nervous about?  Deciding about having a scheduled c-section vs waiting for labor and a vaginal delivery.  I have had numerous casual conversations with the doctors I work for, and some encourage me to go ahead and do a c-section because he’s so big.  I really want to see what I’m capable of though.  My mom had big babies so hopefully I have her genes.  I think God will somehow work out that detail for me.   Ultimately, all I care about is getting Wilson here safely and healthy.

What I’m excited about?   Having a child!  I’ve been praying for him a lot lately, and I just can’t wait.  I’m also having my last baby shower this Saturday so that’ll be fun!

I haven't taken a 33 week picture yet (except for a bare belly one).  I just don't know how I feel about scaring anybody who looks at this blog with my giant bare belly so we'll hold off on that for now, HA.

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Alyssa said...

Such a sweet post, Wilson is so lucky to have you as a mommy! Can't wait to see you next weekend!