Tuesday, July 24, 2012

35 weeks

How Far along? 35 weeks
Size of the Baby? Most books and apps say 19-22 inches and around 5.5-6 pounds.  We are going to weigh him with an ultrasound next week so we’ll know soon!

Maternity Clothes? Obviously.  I wore some regular running shorts and a medium t-shirt today.  It was a stretch, but it worked.

Gender?  BABY BOY

Movement?  Still feeling LOTS.  I’m surprised I still feel so many movements.  I was afraid he’d run out of room and not be able to move as much now, but he still is.  I love just watching him in my tummy, and Caleb enjoys feeling Wilson kick all around each morning.  He hangs out in my upper right side a lot.

Sleep? Not too bad.  If I take my Zantac, I sleep a million times better.  If I’m stubborn and don’t take anything, I’m awake a lot during the night.  I wake up 1-2 times to potty and a time or 2 to roll over.  The rolling over thing is an experience now : )

Cravings? Peaches, cantaloupe, watermelon, yogurt, milkshakes.  Notice the cold theme.

Symptoms?  Migraine today.  But otherwise I feel ok.  My back hurts if I sit in the same position for a while.  I still have pretty bad heartburn (but Zantac and Tums are amazing!!).  I walk slower, and I’m a bit tired.

What I miss?  Laying on my belly and running.

Milestones?  Being 35 weeks!  And the nursery is complete!

What I’m nervous about?  I just hope I continue to feel ok over the next few weeks.  I’m still nervous about delivery, but I trust that God is gonna guide me through it.

What I’m excited about?   Installing the car seat, packing the hospital bag, putting together the swing.  So many fun things to do to prep for baby boy!

This week's picture is from Alyssa's baby shower in Charleston on Sunday.  Here's my big ole 35 week belly in the black and her 34 weeker in purple.

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