Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby Shower!!!

I had my last baby shower for Wilson this past Saturday, and it was absolutely amazing!  My aunt Linda and cousin Christy hosted it at Christy's house (just 5 miles from where we live), and they went above and beyond the call of duty.  The decorations were beautiful, the food was delicious (especially that CAKE!), and I had SO much fun seeing all my sweet friends!

Here's the spread! The cake looked so cute, but it tasted even better.  I also loved the ham biscuits, fruit, and lemonade.  So refreshing!

My aunt Linda pinned my baby boy flower on.

I was seriously overwhelmed by the number of friends who made time to come and celebrate with me on Saturday.  I have learned to truly cherish this time I have to spend with friends, and it means the world to me when friends make time out of their busy schedules for me.  I tried to get pictures of everyone there, and I hope I did.  But please know that it seriously makes me a little teary eyed when I think of the friends who drove (some a very long way) to be there!

Ellice was able to come by for a little while, and I was so glad.  We were friends at PC, and she now lives in the neighborhood right across the street from us.  Caleb and I love hanging out with her and Charlie.

Here's a few of my Spartanburg friends:  Lyndsey, Amy, (me), Kimberly, and Amanda.  I met Lyndsey and Amy through a girls Bible study right after we moved here, and they have been such great friends.  Lyndsey is moving to Charleston soon, and that makes me sad.  But she has been such a fun, sweet friend, and I know we'll keep in touch.  Amy is one the nicest people I've ever been around.  She's so trendy, and I wish I had an ounce of her style, HA.  
I met Kimmie through some mutual friends, and I can't wait to have play dates with her sweet little boy Woods (and she has another baby on the way!).  I met Amanda before I even actually moved to Spartanburg, and she has been such a wonderful friend.  She has 2 precious little boys, and I can't wait for all the mom advice she'll be able to give me!

My dad's sister Margie drove all the way from Central for my shower!  So sweet of her!  She did however remind me of what a "high maintenance" baby, child, and now woman I was/am.  She thinks I have my work cut out for me with a child of my own.

These girls are seriously some of my best friends.  All 7 of them were bridesmaids in my wedding, and I have lived with each of them at some point in my lifetime.  They are the best group of friends a girl could have, and I love each of them so much!
Gail, Mandy, Brittany, me, Catie, Abbie, Anna, and Megan

And here's the PC group!  Sort of the same crowd but add in Lizann, Justine, and Sara.  

I'm not sure how I convinced to put this picture on here, but whatever.  Anna is all cute and pregnant, and I am large and in charge.  She's seriously one of the nicest people ever.  I hope Wilson and her baby boy will be buddies!

And here's the family.  My aunt Linda and cousin Christy (who hosted), cousin Sarah from Texas, my mom, and my cousin Anna.  Love ya'll!

These sweet girls came over to our house after the shower to check out the nursery and hangout a little longer.  Whitney, Brittany, Abbie, me, Anna, and Anna.

Whitney came all the way from Columbia, Brittany from Atlanta, Abbie from Turbeville...ya'll are such great friends, and you mean SO much to me!

In case you haven't noticed, I LOVED seeing all of my sweet friends on Saturday.  It just made my day!

On top of seeing everybody, we got the most amazing gifts for Wilson.  Everything was adorable, and I feel so blessed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came!  Now it's getting very real that we will have a baby boy very soon!

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*AMP* said...

You are so sweet Kathryn! Thanks for the sweet words! Loved celebrating you and baby Wilson! :)