Thursday, July 12, 2012

Work Baby Shower

I had my office baby shower after work on Monday night, and I was completely overwhelmed by the generosity they showed for Baby Wilson.  I know any job has its days, but I really do work with a great group of physicians, nurses, and staff.  They have always been so patient with me (it's my first job), and they have obviously been great throughout the pregnancy.  It helps to work in a OB office while you're expecting.  They know how to throw a baby shower!

We had the shower at Wild Wing Cafe downtown.  We seriously took over all of their tables.  I was glad so many girls from work were able to come.  It really meant a lot to me!  (The only men I work with are the physicians, and the men are not invited).  Girls Night Out : )

Here's Mel, Sherry, Me, Michelle, and Chasity

Dr. Snipe, me & my singing balloon (so awesome!), Paula, and Dr. Fowler

Avery, Angela, and Little Donna

Sylvia, Kristy, Erin, me, Becky, and Katy

Dr. Kelly, Frances, me, Jennifer, Jackie, Meghan, and Teresa

Meredith, Christie, me, and Mel

They were all so nice to spend their evening with me and to celebrate Wilson!  We all had a great time!

We had the cutest cake ever from Publix.  The blocks are finger puppets, and they are now in Wilson's toy box.

I took a picture of all the gifts when I got home Monday night.  They really outdid themselves.  We got a Mamaroo (it's not in the picture, but it's the best thing ever invented), our video monitor, a sound giraffe, a cute outfit, Ittzbeen, a Bible, and a hoodie towel (my fave!).

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful bosses and co-workers.  Thank ya'll sooooo much!!!


Brooke said...

Save the mamaroo box in case Wilson hates it! Much to my dismay e HATED it so we ended up borrowing a swing from a friend and she would sleep for hours and hours in it! You just never know what they're going to like! We have a summer moniter and love it :) you are getting so close!! Hope you're feeling well !!

Courtney Wallace Frick said...

Best kids bible ever!!!!!

Courtney said...

great idea to just have a dinner together instead of a traditional shower! that way you get more expensive gifts, haha! you racked up!

Kathryn said...

So sad Ellie didn't like the Mamaroo. We're hoping Wilson will LOVE it! And Courtney, that Bible is the BEST. Caleb and I have been reading stories out of it to him, and we love it ourselves. And I did rack up, Courtney! Good times : )