Tuesday, August 7, 2012

37 weeks!!!

How Far along? 37 weeks, FULL TERM!
Size of the Baby? He’s about 7.5 pounds (at least that’s a close estimate) and the size of a WATERMELON.  A big watermelon.  So just remember that when you see the picture of my giant belly in a minute.  I am carrying a sweet watermelon in there.

Maternity Clothes? Duh!  I look ridiculous whenever I wear anything normal.  I haven’t bought any new maternity clothes over the past several weeks.  I’d rather wait and buy new cute fall/winter clothes.

Gender?  Wilson James Massengill

Movement?  Yea!  Lots of kicks in my upper right side, hiccups down low, and rolls all over.

Sleep? Hmmm…I’m sure it could be worse.  I was up several times last night with little pains, having to potty, etc.  However, my heartburn is HEALED.  Thank you Nexium 20 mg.  So that’s not keeping me up at night.  At least not now…

Cravings? Cereal (special K fruit & yogurt), watermelon, peaches, water, an occasional cookie…  : )

Symptoms?  Lots of pressure, especially when I walk, exhaustion, sometimes I feel like my allergies are flaring up, but no heartburn for the past 2 days!  Praise the Lord!

What I miss?  Not having my big belly bumping into everything, sleeping through the night (Yea, that’s not gonna happen again for a while…)

Milestones?  Being FULL TERM!!!  Come on BABY WILSON!  I know most first babies don’t come quite this soon, but being the super Type A person that I am, I was determined to have everything ready by 37 weeks.  And it is!  So we are READY for him to come anytime...like now would be great...

What I’m nervous about?  Getting him into this world.  We are still undecided about c-section vs vaginal delivery, but honestly I don’t want to make the decision.  I trust that God is going to make it perfectly clear to us as to what’s best for me and the baby.

What I’m excited about?   Holding my baby!!! 

Ok seriously, if you don't want to see a giant belly, don't look down.  My belly is huge.  I have somehow (knock on wood, Praise the Lord), not had swelling in my hands or feet.  So I believe every ounce of fluid is in my belly for the baby.  This picture isn't the most flattering, but at this point, I don't even have the energy to try to take a flattering picture.  We are in survival mode and just take it one minute at a time.  Caleb and I have become restless.  We are SO ready.  We think ; )

I am so glad we've made it to 37 weeks with our sweet baby boy, and I absolutely cannot WAIT to meet him!!!  We're just praying for a safe, healthy delivery!


Alyssa said...

FULL TERM!!!!!!! WOO HOO! Come on baby Wilson! Love you guys and can't believe this time is here. Your Aunt Alyssa is ready to meet you!

Whitney said...

Can I just say that I am so jealous that you get to give birth soon? I'm SO jealous! It will be such a wonderful day for you guys and you will have the most insane post-childbirth high... I can't even explain it. Children are truly a Blessing from the Lord! Praying for you!

Christine {Our Traveling Nest} said...

Hey! I found your blog through Alyssa's and you look so familiar to me. Did you go to PC also? Anyways, you're looking great and I know you are so ready to meet your baby! I'm 34 weeks and ready to meet our little girl (though I want her to stay put a few more weeks)!

Kathryn said...

He's ready to meet his Aunt Alyssa, too : ) And Whitney, thanks for the prayers! We can't wait to meet this little blessing!
Christine, I did go to PC, too! I also work with Jennifer Ridings...I think she's a friend of yours. Congrats on your baby girl : )