Monday, August 6, 2012


Have I mentioned how much I love weekends?  There's just something awesome about staying in PJ's, not having a schedule, and taking an afternoon nap.  We started our weekend with a date night to one of our favorites, Olive Garden.  It's where we had our first date EVER so we decided we needed one more pre-baby date there, too.

While at dinner, Caleb tried to affectionately tell me that even at basically full term pregnancy, I still look "the same."  Well, we all know that's a lie.  But we also all know that us females struggle with weight gain, swollen faces, and big bellies.  (However, I'll do any of that for a healthy baby.) So Caleb continued to dig himself in a hole at dinner Friday night as he said, "Well, if you squeeze your face together like a fish, it still looks the same."  Really?  Thanks.  I guess?!

I then told him if he blows his face up like a blow fish, he looks preggo.

Bless him...he meant well when he started the conversation.

After dinner, we made a grocery store run for some watermelon (I'm addicted) and made it home in time to watch more Olympics.  I loved seeing the recap of the Magnificent 7 in Atlanta 96.  I remember wanting to be one of those girls so badly!

We cooked breakfast Saturday morning and then went to the mall to pick out curtains for our dining room.  We brought some home, but I ended up ordering different ones online.  I hope they make it here soon!

Saturday night, we went to a super fun wedding in downtown Greenville.  Caleb's friend Josh married Raven, and Caleb was able to hang out with a ton of his college buddies.  They are absolutely hilarious together, and I'm honestly surprised I didn't tee tee on myself from laughing at them so hard Saturday night.  It really is awesome watching them all together.  Here's the only pic I have from the night, and it's missing all the guys basically.

Just trust that we had a great time.  I even attempted to get this baby to come on out by doing the Cupid Shuffle.  No such luck.  If only I had down the Wobble...

After church Sunday, we made our usual trip down to the country for a delicious lunch and some card playing.  John set up a Twitter account for my mom while we were there, and by the end of the night, she was following 4 people.

John, Jordan, Caleb, and Chipper Jones.  True story.  Bev loves the Braves!

Our friends Maggie and Bradley came by to visit Sunday night, and we had dinner with them.  We loved seeing them, but I forgot to take a pic.  After a mile walk (I'm trying to convince this little boy to come on out in case you haven't noticed), we settled in for more Olympics watching and resting.  It was a fun weekend, but it went by way too fast!

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