Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wilson's Birth Story, part 2

So, after we got all settled in and Pitocin started late Saturday night, Jeanie, Anna, and my mom arrived.  I'm pretty sure my mom made it from Lake Murray to Spartanburg Regional in about 40 minutes.  If only she knew it would be 25 hours before Wilson was born, Ha.  Not long after starting the Pitocin, Wilson had his first decel.  His sweet heart rate went down to about 80 or so for 3-4 minutes.  It was the longest 3-4 minutes of my life.  Several nurses came in, turned me from side to side, gave me oxygen, and turned off his Pitocin.  It got back up to normal, and we then just started at the monitor continuously.

I texted Dr. Fowler about what had happened, and she graciously agreed to come on in to the hospital so she would be there in case we had to have an emergency section.  She was there for the entire labor, and I am so thankful for that.  It really calmed me a lot knowing she was there, and I would not have to have a random doctor do anything.

We restarted the Pitocin slowly, and none of us slept all night after fear of that one decel.  I had my mom or Caleb staring at the monitor for  me if ever I couldn't see it to make sure his heart rate stayed okay.  By the morning, I had started to dilate more.  My contractions got pretty strong as we increased the Pitocin.  By 5 cm, I was ready for the epidural.  That was an experience in and of itself.  I quizzed the heck out of the CRNA and the anesthesiologist.  After having it started, Wilson had another decel.  Basically, any time something new happened, his little heart rate would go down for a bit.  And it scared me like no other.

Once we got calmed down, the epidural was AMAZING.  My pain was virtually non existent, but I was still OBSESSED with watching the monitor.  By 4 pm, I was about 9.5 cm, and I started getting sick.  I actually vomited twice, and that caused another decel.  Dr. Fowler checked me before going in to do a c section, and she said I would start pushing when she got back in 30 minutes.  2 hours later, I was still only 9.5 cm, and they would not let me push.  I sat up to hopefully complete that 1/2 cm dilation, and we cranked up the Pitocin.  However, after all that, my cervix stayed the same.  Dr. Fowler made the call for me to have a c-section, especially since my water had been broken for almost 24 hours.

The waiting time between making the decision to getting in the OR felt like an eternity.  I felt an an intense urge to push, and my epidural had worn off.  I was miserable and anxious.  Finally, we got into the OR around 10:30 pm.  They reloaded my epidural, Caleb came in to be my side, and within moments, we heard Wilson cry.  It was the most amazing sound I've ever heard.  My baby was here, and he was perfectly healthy!!!  Praise the Lord!  I instantly forgot about the previous 24 hours.

Here's Caleb just before going back for the c-section.

The nurses checked him out and told me he's perfect...music to a new mommy's ears!

Dr. Fowler who had been up 24 hours with me.  She was AMAZING.

We were filled with joy as soon as we saw him, and we know we are truly blessed!!!

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