Saturday, August 25, 2012

the first 2 weeks

This post will likely be the most random one I've ever written.  These first 2 weeks with Baby Wilson have been overwhelming.  Overwhelmingly rewarding, overwhelmingly difficult.  He is the sweetest, most cuddliest little boy ever.  From the day we came home (last Wednesday) until now, there has not been a moment that I haven't wanted to just sit and stare at him.  Our first night home was tough...we slept a total of 30 minutes.  That wasn't all Wilson's fault.  I may or may not have been sitting up in bed staring at him in his Moses basket just watching him breathe.  It was actually kinda hilarious how anxious my mom, Caleb, and I were...3 adults in charge of one 7 pound baby.

I am SO thankful that my mom stayed with us those first 2 nights at home.  She did all of our laundry, dishes, and just helped us keep our sanity.  Caleb went back to work last Friday, and that was tough.  He also worked all week this past week, and that was hard, too.  Wilson and I sure do miss him during the day.

Caleb's sisters stayed with us last Friday night, and they took care of Wilson during the night for us.  They brought him to us ever 3 hours for feedings, and we actually got a little rest.  It's amazing what 4 hours of sleep a night will do for ya!  They each have babies, and they were able to share so much wisdom with us.  I try to nap during the days, but I'm not too good at it.  However, 15-20 minute power naps help so much more than I ever imagined.

My mom came back to help during the day Monday and Tuesday of this week, and Caleb's mom came to stay with us Tuesday-Friday of this week.  I don't know what we would have done without their help.  They did loads of laundry, cooked meals, washed dishes, cuddled Wilson, and Marcia brought him to us every 3 hours at night to eat while she was here.  (He went 4 hours TWICE).  We sleep so much better when he's not in our room.  Every little peep or grunt, although adorable, keeps us (mainly me) anxious and awake.  I feel so blessed to have had so much help during the first 2 weeks.  Wilson thanks you all SO much!

So we were back on our own last night, and we didn't sleep too much.  I'm wondering if little man may be having a growth spurt (he has already surpassed his birth weight - huge answer to this worried momma's prayers) because he is eating every 2-3 hours right now and not even considering 4 hours.  When you do the math, that gives about an hour of sleep between feedings.  Caleb gets him out of the basket, brings him to my side of the bed, I feed, and Caleb changes his diaper.  Caleb is already the best daddy ever!

The easiest thing about a newborn baby:  Cuddling.  He LOVES to snuggle, and we all LOVE to hold him.  They say you can't spoil them this soon.  I hope that's right?!  He loves to lay on his tummy on our chests.

The hardest thing about a newborn baby:  Breastfeeding.  I am so thankful that my milk came in, and my baby is a great nurser.  I love that time we have to spend together just us.  I talk to him, sing to him, rub his head, smell him, kiss him.  It's great.  BUT...  I have no idea how much milk he is getting.  Nobody else can feed him for me when I'm exhausted.  He likes my right breast more than the left (what's wrong with Leftie?)  I am slightly obsessed with his eating, peeing, and pooping, and I keep a written log of everything.  I was pumping up until 4-5 days ago after each feeding, and I'm so glad the lactation consultant told me I could stop now.  That saves so much time and energy!

Some of my favorite moments thus far:  Catching Caleb singing Garth Brooks tunes to him this morning after I showered, Caleb and I cracking up while he has 3+ bright yellow blowouts while I'm feeding at 2 am a few nights ago, all the family and friends who have visited (you'll have your own post soon), the sweet smiles we see when we talk to him/kiss him (I know it's probably gas, but it's great timing), and the way he reaches his long, skinny arms up for me after I nurse him.

I love this precious little baby more than I could have ever imagined, and our lives are forever changed for the better.  I had no idea how much I would love him or how quickly our lives would change.  It's tough not getting sleep.  It's tough not being able to run to Target real quick.  But holding Wilson in my arms is priceless.

Thank you Lord for this perfect little miracle!  We are SOOOO blessed : )

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