Sunday, September 30, 2012

7 weeks

I'm 7 weeks old today!

-The biggest news for me this week is about my sleep.  I've started going longer stretches at night, and that makes Mommy and Daddy very happy.  I have some nights when I eat every 3 hours, but I go 4 and 5 hour stretches pretty regularly.  Let's hope I keep this up, or heck, I could go even longer maybe ; )  My mom is used to getting up every 3 hours so now she's still awake.  Daddy told her she needs some Benadryl to help her sleep.
-I love to lay on my playmat and changing table.  I look at my toys, the light, and fans, and I just coo.

-I'm still rolling front to back, and I've done it once without fussing at all.
-I went to the dentist with Mommy and Daddy, and I slept in my car seat the whole time like a good boy.
-I'm eating 4-5 oz. (we think) every 2-3 hours during the day.  I get a bottle from Daddy about every other day, but I'm nursing the rest of the time. 
-I went to Charleston this weekend to meet Baby Banks.  We're gonna be best friends!  He's just great.
-I really fill up a diaper when I tee tee now.  I still poop a few times a day most days, and I don't feel good if I don't.  Constipation is NOT fun.
-I'm loving being swaddled now.  I'm gonna need a bigger swaddle soon.
-My mom is starting to realize she has to go back to work soon, and it makes us both sad : (

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