Friday, September 28, 2012

Wellsleigh's Dedication

While in Georgia last weekend, we were able to take Wilson to church for the first time!  He did great!  Of course, he stayed with us for the service (I'm not ok with the whole nursery idea yet), and he didn't make a peep (other than snoring) until the very end.  I hope this means he does love Jesus.  I was a little worried because he seems to get a tad fussy each day when I read him his Bible story.  That wasn't a good sign, but the church service was encouraging, HA.

Anyway, this church service was extra special because Wellsleigh was dedicated to the Lord!  She wore her mommy's dress, and she was a perfect baby the whole time.

We had lunch at The McElroy's afterwards, and I'm so glad we were able to be a part of her special day!

Isn't she precious?

Ben had us all laughing all weekend.

This Garrison face...oh my...

And just so you don't think every day with Baby Wilson is a piece of cake...

He has his fair share of meltdowns, usually when sleepy or hungry, and he will

Anyway, we are so glad we were able to celebrate sweet Wellsleigh and cannot wait to see her again : )

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