Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Wilson was able to meet his cousins last weekend during our trip to Georgia, and he had SO much fun!  He is blessed to have 3 big cousins - Garrison, Ben, and Wellsleigh.  

Ben turned 3 in July, Wellsleigh is 4 1/2 months, Wilson is 6 weeks, and Garrison is 4 (5 in November).

It's a good thing Wellsleigh was able to sit by herself because Big Cousin Ben was NOT holding one of those babies.  I'm not sure why he wouldn't hold Miss Wellsleigh, but he didn't want Mr. Wilson covered in tee tee.  Whoops!  We realized we hadn't taken a picture of them in their Georgia outfits until he had already peed right through it.  Thanks for being a good sport Garrison!

 Go Dogs!

Here's Gramme and Papa Craig with all 4 grandkids.  So sweet!

It was a wonderful weekend filled with spending time with family : )

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