Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Caleb and I have realized how spoiled we are over the past 3 weeks.  Ok, we knew we were spoiled before that, but it's been crazy lately.  I have not cooked a meal in over 3 weeks, and we haven't gone hungry.  Our moms, dads, siblings, other family, and lots of great friends have kept us well fed.  We cannot thank them enough for all the wonderful meals, the cleaning, and just the great visits that have kept us sane.

Here we are leaving the hospital.  I'm still fat as a cow, but Wilson looks pretty presh.  His coming outfit was HUGE, and Caleb made fun of his hat saying it looked like a bonnet.  He's a BABY...he can wear things like that : )

Here's Nicole and her mom with Nicole's baby Hampton (mid spit-up) and little Wilson (just before having a melt down with an attempt to latch).  Oh, how life has changed...

Caleb's sisters came to stay with us our first weekend at home, and they were such awesome help.  They are both mommies, and they knew exactly what to do!  Wilson loves his aunts!

The Malones came to play with the little guy, too!

Aunt Cameron and Uncle J came on our first Sunday home!  So sweet of them : )

And so did Maggie and Bradley, all the way from Hartsville!

Our stork is still in the front yard!  Love it!

Sara Margaret's Olivia is 4 months old.  We've already told her she's marrying Wilson one day : )

Our neighbors, The Stanis's, came over to hold Wilson!

Kyle and Julia with sweet Sarah Patton

Wilson with Gramme and Gigi...they're gonna spoil this little boy!

The Gardner's brought us some yummy spaghetti!

Caroline came to visit all the way from Columbia, and what did Wilson do to her?  Pee on her shirt.  Whoops!

We went on our first walk when he was just over a week old!  It's my favorite part of the day!

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