Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Routine

or lack thereof...

I am a very Type A scheduled person.  Having a baby changes that.  I knew that going into it.  Wilson's schedule (or lack of one) becomes Kathryn's schedule.  I don't know what I expected in the beginning, or if I even had expectations.  Honestly, his 2 1/2 week early arrival kinda threw me for a loop.  I was planning on one week early, either a scheduled induction or c-section.  Wilson (and ultimately God) had a different plan, and I am so glad they did.  I cannot imagine having waited another 2 weeks to meet this little miracle.

So, I just want to remember our current schedule for the future, and I'm open to advice/ideas from other moms.  The first 2 weeks are a blur.  I don't know what we did as far as times, etc.  Week 3 we sort of got into a eat every 3 hours during the day and go up to 4 hours at night routine.  He has slept 4 hours a few times, probably 4 or 5, and he went 4.5 hours once!  However, most nights it's 2.5-3 hours.  I'm okay with it because I'm not working right now, but Caleb helps me at night.  And he's exhausted after working all day.

Last night, he ate around 8, and we put him in his Mamaroo in a sleeper.  He woke up at 10:30, I fed him, we put him in his swaddle/sack thingie and put him in his Moses Basket.  He slept until 2:30.  Caleb changed him.  I fed him, and we put him right back down after a burp attempt.  He does NOT like to lay straight down after a feeding.  We hold him (attempting to burp) for a few minutes before lying down.  He then grunts for a while and makes his cute noises (that aren't so cute at 3 am).  He woke up the next time around 6.  Caleb changed him and handed him to me to nurse.  We laid him back down for a few more minutes, but he was so happy, alert, and wanted to play that we got him back up.  After fighting sleep, I nursed him again around 8:15 am (only 2 hours later), and he fell asleep.  The rest of the day he usually follows a 3 hour schedule (until the evening).

What I'm trying to figure out now is how to best let Caleb and I split up the night time routine.  He is the best daddy ever, and he wants to help out, but it's just crazy that neither of us sleeps longer than 2 hours at a time.  When should I pump a bottle, and when should he feed him?  The late night (11 pm) feeding or the early one?  We're trying to figure it out.  I think that'll be our motto for the next 18 years...trying to figure Wilson out : )

Here's a random picture...on our way out the door for his 2 week weight check at the pediatrician.  Thank God the office is right across the street from our neighborhood!

We love you little buddy, and we love being your Mommy and Daddy!!!  


Hanna said...

Hey, Kathryn! Congrats on beautiful Wilson! I am someone who thrives on a routine, too, so I was anxious to get Jake on one. It's pretty impossible to get on an actual schedule at this age as far as being able to say what you'll be doing at any given time of the day, BUT what helped me feel at least a little organized and not just floating wondering what would come next in the day, at the advice of Shelby, I started the "eat, play, sleep" cycle. During daytime hours, after he eats, have play time (cuddle, tummy time, bouncy seat, whatever as long as he's awake), then put him down for a nap as soon as you notice his sleep cues. it doesn't matter how long play time lasts or how long the nap is. the point is that you can predict what's next. eat, play, sleep. This is just what really saved my sanity and I wanted to share. :) You can also google it. I think it's part of one of the baby books.
And, as for how to balance things with you and your husband for night times, what worked for us was taking full nights. I would take the majority, but Johnn would take 2 or 3 full nights (using pumped BM). This way, at least someone was getting a full night's rest every night. Y'all will figure out what works for you but I always loved hearing what worked for others so I could get different ideas. I know you have tons of friends and family with babies and children so you're not short of people to answer questions if you have them, but you're welcome to email me any time.
So glad things are going well!!
-Hanna (Cameron's cousin)

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Hanna! You can expect emails from me in the future : )