Friday, October 5, 2012


Last weekend, we packed the car (FULL) and headed to Charleston to see our best friends.  I never imagined Alyssa and I would have babies 18 days apart.  The night she called to tell me she was pregnant, Caleb and I were in shock.  We were, too, and our due dates were 8 days apart.  What are the odds you and your senior year of college roomie would get pregnant at the same time?!  And that we'd have healthy baby boys so close together?!  What a huge blessing from God!

The weekend was chaotic, don't get me wrong, but so perfect.  I hope the Cogdills feel the same way, but I think it was great for out little families of 3.  Wilson made it all the way to Exit 205 (about 15 mins from their house) before we had to stop for a feeding and diaper change.  So he was a bit "wired tired" when we arrived.  Banks was sleeping in his nursery like a little angel.

Both babies slept really well Friday and Saturday nights.  When we realized they were on the same nursing schedule after our Saturday morning walk, Alyssa and I decided to go out to lunch together. Just us.  We left the boys (all 4 of them) at the house.  It was so great to be able to talk about how amazing motherhood is, and also what a challenge it is.  We wanna be perfect mommas, but there will be hard days.  And it's so comforting to go be going through it with my best friend.

We're hoping Wilson and Banks will be best friends like their mommas.  They'll be hanging out so much they better ; )

Wilson was getting fussy, but it's the only group picture we have.

Best friends and our baby boys!

I love these 2 boys so much, and I pray they get along great for all of our future get togethers.  Thanks, Matt and Alyssa, for letting us bombard your house!  We love ya'll : )

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Alyssa said...

This made me tear up! We love yall!