Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wilson & Friends

These pictures are in reverse order of some of our friends who have met Wilson over the past couple of weeks.  Just today we went to Clinton for PC's Homecoming.  Here's Wilson and all the guys.

And a family pic at PC, the place that brought Mommy and Daddy together ; )

This picture is from this past Monday morning when I was leaving for work.  I got all my tears out on Sunday night before.  It helped knowing Gigi had him AND she brought him to me during my lunch break to hang out.

Last weekend, we went to Lake Murray with the fam!

Brad and Mandy came over to meet Baby Wilson, and he loved them!

During my last week at home, Wilson had a play date with Hampton (and his mommy Nicole).  Plus, our sweet friend Kate (who just moved to Spartanburg) came over to visit.

Totally random assortment of pics, but I like to remember the sweet people who take time to meet our son!

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