Sunday, October 21, 2012


We've had such a fun weekend with our little Wilson!  He's 10 weeks old today which is just crazy!  I was able to get home early on Friday afternoon to spend some time with me.  He was napping so I cuddled with him and watched Grey's Anatomy while we waited on Caleb to get home.  Then we went to Georgia!  We all just hung out on Friday night.  On Saturday  morning, Caleb and I went for a run, together.  We haven't run together in a LONG time.  It was actually pretty fun, except for the fact that he ran a mile farther than me.  I was a bit jealous, but more tired than jealous.

We took Wilson to his first Fall Festival Saturday afternoon in downtown Watkinsville.  He pretty much just hung out in his stroller, but the rest of us enjoyed some healthy fair food (HA), pony rides, and fall fun!

It makes me so happy to watch these cousins play together!

Wellsleigh was fascinated with Wilson, and he wasn't quite sure what to do about it.  They were so sweet together, even when she decided to put her fingers in his mouth.

Caleb's friend Bodie got married Saturday night, and Wilson's aunts Erin and Mabry kept him while we went to the wedding.  It was a fun date night (with Craig and Marcia).  Lots of Caleb's high school friends were there, and it was fun to catch up.  We were excited to get home to our baby boy after the reception.

 And today, we made a stop at the mall and Babies R Us in Greenville to do a little Christmas shopping.  Santa gets started early.  We're enjoying a lazy night at home tonight watching Wilson kick like a maniac and drool like crazy on his playmat.

I cherish every second of our weekends now that I'm back at work all week.  And as far as Wilson at 10 weeks, he's still eating 4-5 oz. of breast milk every 3 hours during the day.  We had one night last week that he only woke up once at 2 am and not until a little after 6 am.  It was AMAZING.  But we're now back to twice a night.  He's a big time drooler now, and he kicks his legs like craaazay.  He puts his hands in his mouth a lot, and he's most content when we hold him facing out to see what's going on.  He's an awesome little 10 week old!

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Courtney Wallace Frick said...

We were going to go to the fall festival, but my baby boy was still sick with a cold. It would have been funny to have run into y'all. Glad y'all had fun!