Monday, November 12, 2012

3 months


How in the world are you already 3 months old??!?  You have grown so much - physically, mentally, and loveable-ly ; )  Seriously, I just love you more and more by the second.  Your smile is the sweetest thing ever.  Just a couple mornings ago, we were trying to buy a little more sleep time so I gave you your paci.  When you saw me, you gave me a toothless grin so big I couldn't not pick you up.  So you won.  That smile is gonna be trouble, in a good way.

To celebrate your 3 month b-day, you gave me the best present yet...sleeping through the night!  from 8:30-6:30.  Praise the Lord!  That is one huge answer to prayer.  I pray it continues!

You still love to cuddle when you're sleepy, and I love that.  I believe we're spoiling you by rocking you to sleep and holding you while you nap, but I can't help it.  You are so  much more alert and responsive to your surroundings.  I love giving you your bath every night because you actually look me in the eye and smile, unless you're too sleepy already.  And the mornings, ahhh, the mornings!   You look up at Mommy and Daddy and smile so big when we come in to get you up.  You don't wake up starving anymore which is nice.  I don't have to rush to feed you.  We can cuddle for a little while.

You are making work a little harder for me.  I hate leaving you, and I rush home every afternoon to see you.  I had 2 migraines last week, and I hated being away from you while I was in the bed trying to rest and feel better.  I hope those darn things stay away.  You also had your first little cold last week.  It really wasn't that bad, nothing a little saline, suctioning, and a cool mist humidifier couldn't handle.  You know it's love when I pick your boogies out of your nose for you.  So with the cold and migraines, we had a rough week.  Luckily, you're sleeping a bit better, waking up around 3 or 4 and taking your paci until feeding time at 6 or so (except for the perfect night last night).  We're talking about starting "cry it out" soon if we have to, but I just don't know if my mommy heart will let me do it.  You really just like to talk during the night, but it's enough to keep me awake and want to come help soothe you back to sleep.

You have the sweetest little eyes, and you are such a good baby when we take you out.  We've taken you to lots of friend's houses and out to several restaurants, and you are just good as gold.  I hope that continues, too!  I think you're starting to figure out we're Mommy and Daddy.  The day you reach for us or say our names, we'll melt.  We already do when you just look and smile.

I'm still breastfeeding you, but I'm considering starting some formula once or twice a day, just to see how you do with it.  Eventually, we'll have to stop this breastfeeding business so I wanna see how you're gonna handle it.  You're a great eater!

We love doing new things with you.  Each day is an adventure.   I seriously can't get enough time with you.  You are so perfect, and we are so thankful for you.  More than you'll ever know!  Thanks for letting us be your parents!

Mommy and Daddy

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Natalie said...

His smile just gets me every time! I also love that little chubby tummy. You look so happy and I love reading your blog :)