Monday, November 5, 2012

Trick or Treat

If Wilson's first Halloween is any indicator of how much fun future holidays are gonna be, I canNOT wait.  I already love celebrating any and every holiday, and having a sweet baby boy around makes it all the more fun!

Caleb's office did a trick or treat party for all the kids the day before Halloween.  It was our trial run with our "pea in a pod" costume borrowed from our sweet neighbors, Bruce and Angel.  Their sweet Alexis wore it last year so Wilson gave it whirl this year.  He surprisingly seemed to like it when we put it on for the first time.  It was freezing outside so it helped that the costume kept him nice and cozy.  Isn't he precious?

Caleb was one proud daddy showing off his little boy to his bosses and co-workers.  His boss Jeff was super scary!

One of Caleb's coworkers Wes brought his little 5 month old daughter.  Wilson didn't seem too interested.  We're gonna have to teach him to be nicer to the ladies ; )

This picture is one of my favorites of Wilson.  My mom made goodie bags for him to give his "friends."  Because 2 month olds totally have friends.  He did give them to all of the Bible study kids who came over Tuesday night and to the trick or treaters we actually knew on Wednesday.  It was so sweet!

We started our Halloween tradition of giving out candy with the West's last year, and we kept it going.  We love having them over and love watching Olivia and Wilson interact.  At 6 months old, Olivia is EVERYWHERE.  Crawling, pulling up, and even (CRAZY) attempting to walk if you hold her hands.  It gave us a little glimpse into our future and that we should cherish this non-mobile time with Wilson.

The daddies with their babies, plus Patrick, Matthew's little bro, aka Uncle P Dub.

So, for whatever reason, Wilson did NOT like his costume on Halloween.  Any picture we have of him is with this face.  So he ended up in the orange onesie pictured above.

We had so much fun and loved giving out candy, even to the 17 year olds with chest hair and deep voices who knocked on our door.  I can't wait for the next holiday with our sweet boy!!!

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