Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wilson's First Thanksgiving, part 1

I'm telling you...Holidays are SO much more fun with a baby.  He makes everything new and exciting! We did our Thanksgiving in opposite order this year because Caleb's sister Erin's family was going out of town on Friday.  We usually wait and go to Georgia Friday afternoon and spend the weekend, but we took time off work before Thanksgiving this year to spend time with them.

So on Monday, Caleb and Wilson had some man time while I worked.  Then we headed to Georgia when I got home.  He slept during the car ride and slept pretty well while we were there.  He went to bed a little later than normal (9:30 ish), but it's the holidays so I'm quite alright with that.  That little shift in his schedule meant he woke up around 5 am confused about where he was, but honestly, I didn't mind.  He had lots of fun being cuddled by his Gramme and Papa.  I don't think he was put down all week except to sleep at night.

Most of the pictures we took are on our phones, but we did use the "real" camera for a few.  Gramme gave Ben and Garrison these adorable Christmas jammies for Christmas card pics.

Wilson loved his elf suit so much he decided to wear it again ; )

The Blevins family, which will be up to a family of 4 soon!  We're gonna have another niece or nephew next summer!  Ahhhh so excited!!!!

The boys insisted on sitting in these rocking chairs for some pics.  They were hilarious during the whole event of attempting Christmas card pictures.

The McElroy family of 4...so sweet!  Wellsleigh's little pants (which you unfortunately cannot see) are seriously the cutest things ever.  I want some in my size.

Gramme and Papa attempting a picture with all 4 grands was very entertaining.

We had lunch at Caleb's favorite, the Varsity, on Tuesday, and we visited Mrs. Margaret (a good family friend) on Wednesday.  Other than that, we hung out at the house playing with the kiddos and spending QT with the fam.  We drove home Wednesday night for a night at the house to prep for round 2 of Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Our little family of 3 watched Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving and counted our blessings after a wonderful trip to Georgia.

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