Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wilson's First Thanksgiving, part 2

We packed up and went to Union Thursday morning for round 2 of Thanksgiving.  I helped make deviled eggs, green bean casserole, and corn while Wilson watched the Macy's parade (one of my fave parts of the whole holiday) with whichever family member was in the living room.  He was also getting the tour of the house with all Mom's Christmas decorations up and loving it!

Then we headed to The Malone's for our big Thanksgiving lunch!

Wilson and Anna love taking pictures together ; )

He met his great aunt Bibi for the very first time!  She loved him!  Of course, she had him a gift.  She has always given all of us such sweet presents since we were babies.  He loves his jeans, sweater, lovie, and book from Aunt Bibi!  

Several people have commented that Wilson looks like a Lee Middleton baby doll.  Anna has quite a few of them so we got them out for a comparison.  I don't know how Octomom did it with 8.  These 5 were a load for us ; )

Wilson loved playing the piano with his great aunt Jeanie.

I don't even wanna know how many calories are on this plate alone, but it sure was delicious!

We did the annual group pic on Jeanie's back porch.  We were missing a few people, but here's the majority of us.

Wilson was passed around by all of his great aunts and uncles all day.  He napped on some, spit up on some, and loved on them all.  He is one loved little boy!

His great uncles made him laugh a lot.  Please note Gigi checking on him in the background, HA.

We ended the night with leftovers at my parent's house, playing cards with John and Britt, and just relaxing.  The boys all went hunting Friday morning so mom and I decided to let Wilson have his first experience Black Friday Shopping at Belk in Union.  It was a mild way to start.  He'll be ready for it big time next year ; )

We have so much to be thankful for this year, and we loved celebrating this wonderful holiday!

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