Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Adam at Lake Murray

Our next Christmas celebration was at Lake Murray last weekend.  We drove to the lake Saturday morning, and all the girls (plus Wilson) went shopping in Columbia for the afternoon.  The boys stayed at the lake house playing cards.  My daddy fed Wilson oatmeal for the first time.  It was the best I've ever seen him eat.  Papa Curt has a knack for feeding people.

We watched our church service on TV Sunday morning.  It was nice to pause for a little while and remember the real reason for the Christmas season.  It's so easy to get caught up in the parties, presents, and food, but it's really our chance to celebrate Jesus's birth.

This picture is one of my favorite from all of our Christmas celebrations.  Look at the excitement on that sweet baby's face!  He loved getting early Christmas presents from Gigi on Christmas Adam.  As kids, we always got to open one present on that day.  She stepped up her game and gave Wilson TWO gifts on that day.  Oh, the first grandchild...

John gave Brittnee her Christmas present early, too.  Sweet little Jack...he's one cute puppy!

Uncle John and Aunt Brittnee

Jordan and Kayla playing with Baby Wilson

Mom, Wilson, and me

My dad's sister Margie and her family came to the lake for lunch on Sunday.  It's always fun hearing Margie tell stories about their childhood.  My dad hasn't changed much over the years.  He's never wanted to leave Putman, the tiny little community where they grew up.  

Group pics are always fun.

We cooked low country boil for lunch!

This picture is completely embarrassing of me (my ridiculous face), but it's proof that I laugh way too hard when I'm around my crazy family.  And no, we did not go on a boat ride on December 23.  It just made for a good background.

It was a fun couple of days at the lake!  I just love celebrating Christmas with family!

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