Monday, December 17, 2012


I come from a family of people who love to eat.  So when I tell them Wilson can't eat anything but milk right now, it's always a letdown.  However, when he had his 4 month well check, we were given the go-ahead to start playing with rice cereal and oatmeal!  So Santa came a little early for Wilson this year with a brand spanking new...

High Chair!  We went with the "joovy" high chair b/c it's easy to fold up and clean.  

He also gets some new bowls and spoons!  What an exciting Christmas gift!

Here's all my ingredients...Gerber oatmeal, a fresh shiny bowl, and a couple tablespoons of breastmilk.  Yummmm!

Here he is taking his first bite ever of anything besides milk!

He's not quite sure about it yet, but he did a great job!  

We try to give him a little bit once a day, and so far he's doing great!  

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