Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Work Christmas Parties/Decorations

Caleb and I both had our office Christmas parties last weekend!  Mine was on Friday at the Piedmont Club.  I didn't take any pictures, but I did have a great time.  We always do a Chinese gift exchange with the whole staff, and it's very entertaining.  These women aren't afraid to steal a present ; )  I'm blessed to work with such a fun group of women!

Saturday was Caleb's office party.  It was at the club house in our neighborhood so Caleb was signed up offered to host the pre-party at our house.   That meant 30+ people would be stopping by for drinks and appetizers.  Luckily, my mom helped make some of the food in advance, and my cousin Christy volunteered to keep sweet Wilson.  It actually worked out quite well, giving us a deadline to have the house clean and decorated for Christmas!

Here's our dining room with some of the food ready to be eaten!

Our snow village is growing!  My new pieces from last year are the Chick-fil-a (yum!) and The Homestead House (since we bought our house last year).  Caleb's mom also gave us the Red Owl grocery store.  I told Jordan he was represented by that piece since he has worked at a grocery store for several years now.  Side note:  Jordan got his license back yesterday!  After a 3 year suspension!  It deserves its own blog post, but obviously I'm behind.  So proud of you, little brother!  Just praying you have learned your lesson and will obey all laws now!

Here's our Christmas tree!!!

I love having THREE stockings hanging this year.  

Caleb says Wilson's tree is a little girly, and maybe he's right.  We decided he may have a Georgia themed tree for next year?  I just love my white tree so I dunno yet?  Wilson LOVES the tree though.  He just stares at the lights, and it entertains him for a while.

We tried to spice it up on the back deck a little bit for the party.

All that decorating wore little man out.  He was asleep before I was even out of the driveway taking him to Christy's.

Apparently it's not cool to take pictures at the party because nobody did it.  I did happen to snap this one with Caleb's coworker Harris and his wife Anna.

It was another Christmas party-filled weekend!

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