Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Garrison's 5th B-day Party/Metz Christmas

I'm officially behind on blogging.  December is a crazy fun month, and I have lots of fun things to remember via the blog.  So I better catch up.

Our oldest nephew, Garrison, turned 5 back in November.  He had his birthday party about a week later, and we went to Athens to celebrate.  I really can't believe he is 5 years old!!!

He had his party at the fire station again this year.  Garrison is really into fire trucks, and I think he even taught the firemen a few things.  Here's Garrison, little sister Wellsleigh, and Jimbob.

That face...

It was Wilson's first birthday party, and he was thrilled to celebrate with Garrison!

Caleb wasn't able to make it to the party, but he had a pretty good excuse.  He was at the SEC championship pulling for Georgia.  Alabama ended up with the W, but it was a great game!

We drove back to Spartanburg Sunday morning to make it to the Metz Family Christmas get together.  My dad's whole side of the family gets together once a year.

Gigi snatched little Wilson up as soon as our car pulled in the driveway.

It was the first time my dad's sister Margie met Wilson!

It was a jam packed weekend.  We love all the parties December delivers : )

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Alyssa said...

I pretty much HAVE to see Wilson again soon. I am dying! Banks asks me everyday when he gets to see his BFF again...