Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Eve at Christy's

We had our Blackwood family Christmas lunch on Christmas Eve this year at Travis and Christy's house.  Sonny and Linda flew out to Texas on Christmas Day to visit Leigh and her family so we had to do it a little early.  It was actually nice having everything spaced out a bit.

We took our big group picture before John and Britt had to leave (they are all over the place on Christmas Eve).

Uncle Sonny loves baby Wilson.  He was one sleep baby.  The lunch was happening in the middle of our naptime.

Guess where he ended up?  On Gigi's shoulder, of course.

So happy we're a family of 3 

Little Man had to fight through some sleepiness for these pictures, but he sure does love him some "Aunt Anna"

We drew names for gifts this year, and John had Travis.  He gave him a real gift in addition to this throwback hat.  My dad's car dealership sponsored a t-ball team, and these are the hats from a while back.  Clever, John, clever.

Having fun with Daddy in the kitchen

During the Chinese gift exchange, my daddy got lottery tickets.  He actually won some money on them.

Cuddlin' with Aunt Jeanie

We went to the Christmas Eve candlelight service at Tabernacle and then went back out to Putman for our little family gift time.  Unfortunately, Bev went down for the count with some low blood sugar so it got cut short.  But I at least snapped this picture of Caleb in his new camo.  He wants to be a country boy so bad.

Other than Mom being a little sick, it was a great Christmas Eve!  We are so blessed to have such wonderful family to celebrate Christmas with.  We all receive way too many gifts, much more than we deserve.  Wilson made this Christmas extra special : )

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