Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Visiting Pa

We made a road trip to NC this past weekend with the whole gang to visit with Pa.  It's so special to visit with him.  He really enjoys seeing everyone, especially all the babies.

I'm so glad Wilson and Wellsleigh will grow up together.  It's special having a cousin so close to you in age.  She's 3 months older than him, and he loves watching her.

I could just eat him up with that sweet smile.

Wellsleigh is such a happy girl!

They love each other!

Mabry will be having Baby Laurel in June, and we can't wait to have another sweet niece.

Wilson got sweet cuddles and kisses from Gramme.

Erin and her baby girl

Upside down diaper change happenin'

Ben and Wilson with Ben Wilson (That's Pa's real name.  He's got 2 babies to carry on his name for him!)

All the babies with Pa

We have a total of ZERO smiling people looking at the camera in this one.  At least Garrison is trying...

Group pic...notice Erin's crazy eyes!  She was probably taking a power nap from being in charge of 2 kiddos for the whole trip.  Jimbob was sick and couldn't come.

This one was the best we could do : )

We loved visiting with Pa and Lavon, but note to self:  Get Wilson his own hotel room next time.  And Maybe Caleb his own, too.  Between Caleb's snoring and Wilson's talking, this mommy slept about 2 hours all night.  I'm learning to run off of fumes these days, but it's totally worth it for quality time with the family!

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