Monday, February 11, 2013

6 months


You are half a year old.  6 months.  26 weeks.  Half.A.Year.  Whoa, Baby!  I sound like a broken record, but you've changed so much this month.  It's amazing watching you figure things out.  Like how to roll over back to front, how to sit up by yourself, how to rake your toys towards you during tummy time, how to pick up your toys and examine them, how to take your toys straight to your mouth, and how to transfer toys from hand to hand.  Those things may sound simple, but watching you discover them is so much fun.

You are getting SO strong!  And heavy.  When you want to sit in my lap to read a book or cuddle on my shoulder, it's so sweet.  But when you DON'T want to do those things, you basically jump out of my arms.  It's a new challenge, but I guess it's a good one since it means you're getting strong.  You reach for everything.  We pass you back and forth sometimes just to see you reach.  You also do this adorable little shy thing where you turn your head around when somebody makes you smile.

Sleep has been pretty good this month.  You go down for the night around 7:30, and you usually sleep till 7 am.  You haven't done the early morning (4-5 am) wake up thing in a while, and I think it may have been worse during a growth spurt possibly.  You did wake up at 5:30 at the lake this weekend, but it was a new place.  We probably make you travel too much.  Your naps are getting better, too.  You sleep on your side a lot now, and you even roll onto your tummy to sleep sometimes.

Your schedule is usually something like this:

7 am:  wake up, breastfeed, oatmeal and fruit

Playtime until 8:30

8:30-9:  down for a nap until 10 (you don't always sleep that long)

10:  bottle of formula (We're using Enfamil premium Infant), 6 oz.

Playtime until "lunch" around 11 (usually 1/2 a fruit and 1/2 a veggie)

Then you usually take another nap, anywhere from 30-90 minutes 

1:00 Breastfeed (or pumped bottle of 6 oz.)

Playtime until maybe Nap #3 around 3:00

4-5 pm: Bottle of formula (6 oz.) 

5:30- Dinner time!  Rice cereal and veggie

Playtime with Mommy and Daddy until bedtime when you breastfeed and have 4 oz. of formula

We usually have an outing sometime during the day so this schedule is hit or miss.  You usually adapt well to being on the go and will nap OK in your car seat.  You get kinda bored being at home all day.

You LOVE sitting up on the floor and playing with your toys.  You laugh your head off when we do silly voices, especially "Smoky The Bear."  It's so easy to make you laugh!

You have dominated all Stage 1 baby foods - peas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, apples, bananas, pears, and peaches.  You don't seem picky yet.

Wilson, you bring so much joy into our lives!

We love you sooooo much, little buddy!  You are such a blessing.

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Alyssa said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday sweet boy! We love you!