Tuesday, February 12, 2013

6 months stats

We had Wilson's 6 month well visit this morning (b/c I'm totally OCD with having well visits on THE DAY they're due.  Crazy, I know).  It went great!  He's "gaining beautifully" according to Dr. Colburn.  Here's the stats (b/c I'm slack with a baby book).

Weight:  18 pounds, 61%

He has increased from 23% at birth.  The boys loves food and milk.

Height:  26 inches, 34%

Shorty has gone down from 52% at birth.  Maybe he gets his height from his momma.  

Head: 17 inches, 80%

Big Head has gone up from *get this* 16th %.

Now we know why he screams when we try put clothes on over his head.  He HATES it.  They're too tight on those big brains.

He checked out just fine this morning.  We got the go ahead for Stage 2 foods and then soon onto baby yogurts and more fun stuff.  We were encouraged to keep pushing tummy time.

Today's vaccines were the hardest so far.  Caleb did the "Daddy Hold" while I stood back and felt sorry for the baby.  He cried and cried until he fell asleep in the car.  I know it's just the beginning, and the real difficulties will come when he's 4 years old running around the table.  

We are truly thankful for our healthy baby boy!

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